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Eating out is fun and healthy–even on the cleanse

April 6, 2010

Two weeks of cooking and eating healthy has been wonderful.  We have had a variety of foods, lots of ethnic diversity and I feel great–not so sluggish or bloated.  I have plenty of energy to work out 5 days a week (well, the workouts are kicking my butt, but not due to lack of energy) and I have lost 6 pounds.  But, I love eating out too.  It is such a treat to eat foods, made by someone with skill and time, that I don’t have the equipment, time or desire to make for myself.

Last night was one of those nights.  The big dilemma became–where to go?  And we chose Mama Fu’s. Yummmmm.  Veggie Basil Spring Rolls with peanut sauce and Spicy Thai Basil Noodle Bowl with veggies.  So much food, I get to have it again today for lunch!  What a treat.

Now, tonight it is back to cooking, but have a great menu planned. Check back tomorrow for tonights recipes. (P.S. still no lettuce tonight).