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Continuing with the brief presence of lettuce

April 12, 2010

Ok, so lettuce once again appeared on the menu, but only in passing.  It was once again time for a junk food fix–but of course, it had to be healthy junk food (is that an oxymoron?!) so, what could be better than Mexican food.  Yep, good old fashioned tex-mex.  But easy and healthy and inexpensive which are all really good things on a Saturday after cleaning house all day.

So, Chalupas and spanish rice–yum. So easy and so filling.

Sunday was one of my favorite comfort food days–kale with chickpeas and nuts over mashed potatoes and fruit salad.  Easy, so good for you and I love the creaminess of the potatoes with the wonderful rich taste of the kale.

This cleanse has been so easy.  While we did add a little cheese to the chalupas, with the avocado it was creamy and rich enough i would have been just as happy to leave it off.  And, I feel really good.


OK, finally, some lettuce–but only briefly!

April 5, 2010

Days 4, 5, 6 & 7 have come and gone in the cleanse with barely a leaf of lettuce on the menu.  I do have to admit, though, that I like lettuce and salads, so I am glad to see it make an appearance.  I hope you enjoy these recipes.

April 1, 2010:  Baked potatoes with sauteed mushrooms and onions topping and Green leaf lettuce and fresh vegetable salad with olive oil vinaigrette.  I love baked potatoes and this topping is rich and meaty tasting without all the fat and calories of normal toppings.

April 2, 2010:  Black bean nachos with guacamole.  What a great way to use up any leftover black beans, plus they are high in iron and it feels like eating junk food (a great way to trick the mind so it doesn’t feel deprived!)

April 3, 2010:  Potluck!  I have no idea what was in some of the dishes–still waiting on recipes.  But I can tell you, grilled plantains are absolutely delicious, as is baby eggplant, yellow squash, red bell peppers and portabella mushrooms.  Marinated in a basic oil and vinegar dressing before grilling, it was hearty and flavorful.

April 4, 2010:  Slow cooked creamy oatmeal with crushed pineapple for breakfast.  Filling and creamy and wonderful (and the odd thing is, while they are cooking, the whole house smelled like bacon!)   For dinner, Jambalya inspired kidney beans and potato/cabbage hash cakes. How delightful and delicious (and really filling).