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Thank you for visiting my blog

November 23, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you found some useful and informative material here.

I have relocated the blog to a larger and more informative website and hope you will visit me at Health Recovery Consulting.

Please note that this site is only now monitored infrequently, so please use the link above to connect with the new blog and leave your comments.


The Cancer Bitch–no, not me!

March 18, 2010

Continuing on the post-cancer-treatment journey, I came across a book titled “The Adventures of Cancer Bitch” by S. L. Wisenberg and I thought “you have to read it!”  I was concerned that it would be radical and angry and then, it wasn’t.  It was just life–angry and sad and funny and confused and all those things that make up day to day life.  While there are many things in the book I can relate to, there are many that don’t speak to me.  I am not a breast cancer survivor, and breast cancer ranks very high in the cancer heirarchy for funding and visibility and media.  But, I too, was diagnosed in the early stages, which is, in itself, another heirarchy.  We seem to have the need to be different from each and to quantify that difference.  So, breast cancer is more visible and researched and “media-ed” about than, say, uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer, or cervical cancer, or prostate cancer, or the hundreds of cancers that are possible.  And, so, we hear things like “well, thank god it wasn’t breast cancer and all they did was take out your uterus.”  ALL THEY DID?

And, then there is the staging.  What stage of cancer do you/did you have? is a common question.  And, of course, in our need to quantify, it matters.  Stage I is not as serious as stage IV and doesn’t carry as much risk of death and recurrence.  And yet, Stage I is treated as if it can re-occur, so it is still scary and threatening and CANCER!  From that point, I understand Cancer Bitch.

If you have read her book or her blog, I would love to hear your thoughts.