My new favorite fast food–spring rolls with peanut sauce.

Still no lettuce, but lots of good veggies.  It was time to make portable food for lunch and dinner–eat in the car kind of food.  While it isn’t hard to buy spring rolls already made, they often have meat or tofu, which aren’t part of the cleanse or my diet. I decided to make my own. They are so easy and yummy!  And portable. And inexpensive!  And everyone can choose what they want in their own spring roll.  I love it when everyone gets to “have it their way”.

The peanut sauce can be modified easily to fit your taste and to not run down your arm while you are eating it:)

Still feeling great, lots of energy and ready to enjoy some really good, gooey cheesy tex-mex soon!  And a glass of wine. Looking forward to a big get together soon at a favorite Mexican food restaurant.  Suggestions for THE BEST place in Austin to eat gooey, cheesy Tex-Mex?


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6 Responses to “My new favorite fast food–spring rolls with peanut sauce.”

  1. How-to make Sesame Noodles with a peanut sauce Says:

    […] My new favorite fast food–spring rolls with peanut sauce. « ProHealthGuide's Blog […]

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      Yes, I too am interested in more information about this. I will post it as I come across it.
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      Most of my blog posts have images and links in them. This post was actually done as a demonstration for a class, so isn’t as complete as other posts. Thanks for the suggestions.

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