Jump-starting my health: a 28 day food cleanse

In a meeting today I mentioned I was doing a food cleanse and many people wanted to know about cleanses–why do they, what type work best.  I needed to assure them that I am not an expert on cleanses, but that I had done some research and would be happy to talk about my experiences.

It is interesting to me how popular cleanses and fasting and special diets are to so many people.  And, like many people, I have tried lots of them over the years.  Several years ago, several of my friends began studying the teachings of Scott Ohlgren and began a 28 day food cleanse.  I didn’t pay much attention.  As a nurse, I am very skeptical of most fasts and cleanses.  I usually find that they are not based on true physiology and can often do more harm than good, as I discovered years ago when I tried the ‘Lemonade’ Cleanse and became very ill.  But, as I was reading and researching on my own, I came to the conclusion, that for me, the best cleanse included foods that supported healing while removing foods that taxed my body.  And, I again discovered Scott Ohlgren.

His philosophy is to give the body’s detoxification systems a periodic rest while eating food that supports rebuilding and regeneration.  So, I have committed to his 28 day cleanse–No dairy, No meat, No refined wheat, No refined sugar, No caffeine. As I was sharing this at the meeting this morning, one of my friends,  “What do you eat? Lettuce?  I would be a raving lunatic if I ate like that.”

What do you eat? Lettuce?

Interesting.  If you eat healthy, you will be crazy.  So, I guess I am crazy.  And, I invite you to be crazy too, or just  share in my eating journey over the next three weeks as I share recipes and menus.  Come find out what you can eat if you cut out the big 4–dairy, wheat, sugar and meat–and still feel satisfied and healthy and energetic and taste good. I promise.  I didn’t get this way by eating yukkie, boring and unflavorful foods, and I won’t eat that type of food to get healthy.

I know many of you have great healthy recipes that you would be willing to share as well, so I invite you to feel free to share any recipes you absolutely love that fits the above criteria.

Here’s my dinner for Sunday, March 28, 2010:  Baked Acorn squash with pecans and ginger, Indian Stewed Black-Eyed Peas with potatoes and tomatoes, and steamed broccoli with Lime Oil.  For dessert:  Coconut rice with cashews and peaches.

Lunch today: Left over Black-Eyed Peas and Squash with grapes for desert.

Feeling great!


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    Using a Rebounder to Cleans your Lymphatic System…

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