Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

There is an old saying: “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It turns out this saying may have a lot of truth to it. Fruits, especially apples, contain impressive amounts of
So, what makes apples so important? Let’s consider some of the apple’s components and their effect on our health:

  • Pectin: Can help lower blood glucose, blood cholesterol and fats.  Can also help regulate elimination.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Contains Boron, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
  • Anti-oxidants: Including Quercitin, which can decrease the risk of lung and breast cancer, as well as age-related problems like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Nature’s toothbrush: helps kill bacteria in the mouth, decreasing incidence of cavities, gum inflammation and abscesses.

Apples are a low calorie dense food, meaning they are filling, satisfying, yet are low in calories.  And, with so many varieties available, eating an apple every day doesn’t get boring.

Apples can help maintain health

While apples can help you maintain health, they are not going to prevent all illnesses.  Many other factors contribute to maintaining health.  It is important to include other foods that provide other nutrients as well.  Many other fruits are also healing fruits.apples

Why focus on apples?

Apples are easy to grow, provide a variety of tastes and can stay fresh and tasty for a long time.

While it is important to eat a varied diet, apples are an easy and tasty way to get many of the nutrients that support health.  So, enjoy an apple and see if “eating an apple a day helps you keep the doctor at bay”.


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