An Introduction to the Amazing Power of Essential Oils.

Essential Oils, also known as aromatics, are a substance extracted from plants that usually create the scent associated with the plant.  However, different parts of the plant may produce different essential oils.  Each plant oil has it’s own unique composition and may consist of numerous separate chemical compounds.  Even the oil for the same plant can vary over time depending on weather conditions, growing season, etc.  As a result of these differences, the oil is never chemically exactly the same.  This can make it challenging to test the effect of oils in a placebo controlled test, since the “product” may have variations in make-up.  It also has positive benefit in that organisms do not develop a resistance to the oil.

Essential oils can be utilized a number of different ways: direct application, baths, salts, lotions, creams, capsules, or diffusers.  The most common method in the U.S. is in lotions, baths and diffusers or vaporizers.

Essential oils are composed of fine, small molecules that are easily absorbed into the circulatory system through the skin.  Studies have shown that eucalyptus oil applied to the bottom of the foot can be measured in the exhaled breath from the lungs in less than 20 minutes.  Obviously, the body can easily transport essential oils throughout the body to those areas most benefited by the action of the oil.

Most people have experienced essential oils when they have nasal, sinus or chest congestion.  There are many products on the market designed to help alleviate stuffiness and congestion, such as Mentholatum, Vicks and others.  All these products contain some essential oils, usually Menthol and/or Eucalyptus (or their synthetic equivalent).   Eucalyptus has the action of breaking up mucous. Menthol (which is from the Peppermint plant) has the action of warming tissues, increasing circulation and acting as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent, making it especially suitable for use during cold and allergy season.

These ingredients are not limited to nasal and sinus congestion to make a difference..  They provide that same warming action to joints, muscles and other organs, making them universally popular in medicated creams.

One of the challenges in modern products is the use of synthetic oils to mimic the natural oils.  The challenge is that the oils do not have the natural variation that prevents accommodation and resistance. So, it is best to obtain products made with true plant essential oils.

One product made from natural, organic essential oils is Mountain Magic Liniment.  It contains many organic and pure ingredients, including Menthol and Eucalyptus and works well for joint pain, muscle pain, sinus inflammation and congestion.  (To thank you for reading my blog, click on the link above and receive a special offer for the month of September only.)


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